hi. my name is jill...and this is my page.

so why am i here anyway?

When I first saw my brother's girlfriend, Helen, writing, I was curious. Why? Because I'm a writer too, even if nobody is much aware of it. Now, why's that, since I come from a college environment just blossoming with newspapers, student journals and literary magazines?

Quite simply, because I write erotica. In a way, I think I'm a bit of a wet dream to a lot of males in the world of alt.sex* and the like--a real, live, attractive young woman who writes about things that turn her on, who revels in sex and sexuality, and who's pretty much not afraid to show it.

But, still. Despite all that, despite liking the idea of making a man or woman aroused by what they read, knowing it's me who's doing it, despite the seemingly infinite promise of such as a tool of seduction for someone I have my eye on, I guess I'm just a little more shy than I seem.

One person's seen my writing, before Helen, that is. She told the story in her diary--my poor English teacher, coming across what I'd written. I was incredibly embarrassed, afraid that either: 1. I'd be turned in to the high school guidance counselor, who'd want to have a talk with me about safety and abstinence and such, or 2. He'd think this was a really pathetic attempt to somehow come on to him. Both were equally frightening in my small, gossip-starved hometown. Anyway, he was a cool guy, and understood it was all a mistake and even said what I'd written was good!

Nevertheless, I never exactly sought out the opportunity to share what I've written with the world, mostly jotted down in notebooks in my spare time (but not with my class notes any longer). Oh, I've sent a hot e-mail or two to a lover on occasion, but nothing very explicit or full-blown. Even though I'm living it up in college, being loud and active and sex-positive, it's still a little intimidating putting so much of my sexuality out there on the line, on display.

But when I discovered what Helen wrote....WOW! I couldn't believe it, that she not only wrote erotica, but managed this site...I loved her work, and I was quite impressed by what she'd done, by her boldness and indeed, her bravery. And I decided to take the plunge, so here I am in all my sensuous splendor!


love, jill :-)

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